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Bird Breeders & Dealers

Bird Breeders & Dealers in Canada
Canadian Parrot Breeder

Canadian Parrot Breeder «

We are a smoke-free family run aviary. Our baby birds are all raised in our home. We provide a hatch certificate and a health guarantee as well as answer questions you may have. We also take in some unwanted birds to rehab and re-home.
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R0G 1W0 Winnipeg Manitoba address
TEL: (204) 269-4451 Phone
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Falconry Canadas Home

Falconry Canadas Home «

My name is Roy Priest. I live in Cloverdale, beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I was introduced to falconry through a Sportsman's Show in 1963. George Galicz, a well known local falconer, was exhibiting his birds of prey. I was mesmerized by the beautiful male Kestrel he had on display. George let me hold it on my bare hand and I was hooked.
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British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas

British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas «

Birds can tell us important things about our environment. Their presence and abundance provide an early warning of the state of ecosystems and their eggs and tissues track trends of contaminants in the environment.
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5421 Robertson Road V4K 3N2 Delta British Columbia address
TEL: 1-877-592-8527 Phone
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Wholesale Parrot Breeders

Wholesale Parrot Breeders «

Sunset Aviaries Offers Wholesale Parrots, Hawk Headed Parrots For Sale, African Grey Parrots Breeder and More throughout Canada!
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Ottawa Ontario address
TEL: (613) 832-2689 Phone
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Eastern Bird Breeders Association

Eastern Bird Breeders Association «

The Eastern Bird Breeders Association was established in 1974 by a group of enthusiasts from Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec with a passion for poultry and bird keeping. The Club brings together people from all walks of life, united by common love for their chosen hobby.
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RR#1 South Mountain K0E IW0 Ontario address
TEL: 613 989 2104 Phone
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